Joan Planas

Hey! My name is Joan Planas and I am a young interactive designer. Check out my work, I hope it will like you.

On 2011, I finished my bachelor in interactive design at the University of Lincoln. Now I am working as a freelance and as soon as it would be possible I will carry on studying Digital Arts.

I am crazy about all the new ways of interaction between user and computer. In a world mediated by computers, our lives are no longer lived only physically, because a part of it is taking place in the virtual world. Nowadays the interaction between these two worlds creates what we can call augmented reality or hybrid world, where everyone lives and shares their lives – both, the individual with himself in the two worlds as well as with others. Interaction design is the way to make these things possible and easier for the new users, so there is always a new goal to achieve.

In my spare time I like to go to the cinema, listen music, be with my friends and play volleyball.

Please don't be shy, if you need anything get in touch!